Sara loses 70 pounds in 6 months!

I have spent the last two summers teaching nutrition, culinary and fitness classes at Wellspring, an organization that specializes in weight loss. (for more info on Wellspring listen to this National Public Radio piece: )

Last summer I worked with Sara, a music teacher from Virginia who has spent years struggling to lose weight. Sara recently got in touch with me to share her continued success and was happy to have me share some of her story on this blog.

What a difference 6 months makes!

Of her transition Sara says, “I discovered how to conquer obstacles that seemed impossible before and was able to change my mindset on exercise, food, and body image.” Sara came to every nutrition workshop with an open mind and a ready pen. Her dedication paid off and by the end of her 6 week stay at Wellspring Sara had lost an astonishing 40 pounds. During the following 6 months Sara lost another 30 pounds for a total of 70 pounds. Sara also lost 55 inches from: bust: 9, waist: 17, hips 14.5 inch, thighs 8, arms 6.5.

Sara used no gimmicks, no pills, no juicing, and no fasting. Sara credits her success to monitoring her diet with daily journaling and following a strict low fat, high fiber,  diet. She plans to continue her weight loss and achieve her goal weight. Sara plans to celebrate her success by hiking in Yosemite with close friends.






2 thoughts on “Sara loses 70 pounds in 6 months!

  1. Dan:
    Thank you so very much for recognizing our wonderful Sara. As her aunt, and also someone who struggles with obesity, I truly appreciate that Wellspring and you helped Sara discover what we knew from day one. She really is a unique and beautiful young woman who deserves all the joy and happiness of a healthy life. I hope and pray that I will draw the inspiration I need from the love and sharing that Sara is putting out for all of us. Thanks for the work you do and for all the young people you help in their quest.
    Lorraine Alipanah

  2. Thank you for this story. I have been tweaking my diet and exercise program and as of June 30, I am going to start a 25 week makeover. I want to perhaps lose about seventy pounds in that time and this gives me hope that it can be done.

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